Revolutionizing Farming: The Power of Agriculture Apps


The application of mobile in agriculture is growing daily. Several government and private apps are available for farmers, where farmers can get access to best farming practices, machinery, market prices, crop plan, weather, and technology development in the agriculture sector.  These mobile apps are providing an instant solution to agricultural problems. These apps can be used on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, and offer a wide range of functionalities to help improve farm management, crop production, livestock management, and overall farm productivity.

Here we give you the best agriculture apps for Indian farmers and these apps are easy to download from the Google play store

UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance)-


UMANG is the single point of access to all government services. It provides easy access to 200 applications that will offer around 1,200 services of various government departments of the Centre, states and local bodies, and even some important utility services from the private sector. If you don’t want to manage multiple mobile apps so try this.





             Rating – 4/5      Total downloads- more than 50,000,000 +


Krishi Jagran-


This app is registered in the Limca Book of Record for over 1 crore subscribers in India and abroad. We can get the latest agri-related news. We can learn about the latest technology and trends through this platform. Download Krishi Jagran from below link or simply search app name in google play store-


            Rating – 4.8/5             Total downloads- more than 50,000,000 +




IFFCO Kisan-


IFFCO Kisan is an app to provide modern farming tools and practices with customized advisory services with more visual content by way of climate-smart agriculture practices, better and precise technology, and mechanized knowledge.

Get this app


        Rating – 3.2/5             Total downloads- more than 10,000 +


    Khetiwadi mandi bhav




This app provides daily price reports and graph analysis of crops so we can predict the upcoming price of any crop with the help of past prices. It also gives some other crucial information about crop growth and soil and water quality. Available in the below link-



              Rating – 4.4/5             Total downloads- more than 5,00,000 +



BigHaat –


BigHaat is a kind of Amazon for agriculture you can buy all kinds of agriculture chemicals such as insecticides, Fungicides, herbicides, bactericides, acaricides/miticides, bio/organics varieties like bio insecticides, bio fungicides, bio nematicides, bio viricides, traps & lures other important things like the mulching sheet, tarpaulins, animal repellants, flair lights, adjuvants, vegetable wash. They offer loan, health, vehicles and equipment insurance and provide knowledge about crop and other current farming practices in the form of videos and news letters.




           Rating – 4.1/5             Total downloads- more than 10,00,000 +




Kisaan Helpline –    


Kisaan Helpline is an app that has experts and a big team with solution about over 160 crops and their varieties related quires resolve immediately including rabi, kharif, herbal, vegetables, fruits and flowers their seed selection according to area and soil and climate, seed treatment, seed varieties, soil testing, field preparation, nursery, planting required organic and chemical fertilizers, irrigation, crop protection, insecticide, pesticide, fungicide, harvesting, and storage for free and instantly in both rural and urban areas.



Rating – 4.8/5           Total downloads - more than 50,000 +

Crop Insurance

It’s one of the most useful app for farmers in India. The farmers can view their crop policy details. The app allows farmers to calculate insurance premiums for crops and cut-off dates. Also, gives a directory of companies with their crop & location. You can check your application status at every step. The app provides help desk for submit the farmers problems regarding insurance.

         Rating – 3.5/5           Total Downloads- more than 10,00,000+ 


Agri App

Agri App is a complete solution for crop production and management. It provides the best information on Crop Production, Crop Protection, smart farming with agriculture, and allied services. In addition to being an information portal, it is also an online marketplace for bringing in farmers, Agri input, retailers & fulfilment services on a common digital platform. Agri App is the best Indian Agriculture App that helps farmers in many ways by providing services such as Crop Advisory, Soil Testing, Drone Services, Crop Practices & many more.

          Rating – 3.9/5           Total Downloads- more than 10,00,000+ 


Agri central

AgriCentral is a technology-based agriculture app to help Indian farmers make better decisions in their farming business to increase profitability. It harnesses state of the art technologies like Global positioning, satellite imagery, big data analytics, machine learning and image analytics to usher the farmers into the era of digital farming. Expert’s advice, crop care, crop plan, market view, weather and many other agriculture services the app provides the farmers.

   Rating – 4.1/5           Total Downloads- more than 50,00,000+ 


Bharat agri

BharatAgri is a Smart Kisan & Smart Farming App for Farmers using all-new Agri tech solutions  with the help of available technology like Smart Satellite Mapping, Weather Forecasting, Soil Testing, and Water Testing to increase farmers overall farm income. Farmer receives crop advisory & crop information right from the crop choice to harvesting with the best agronomy solutions. The app provides a personalized crop calendar which is included in BharatAgri Super Seva & curated uniquely for each farmer and crop

           Rating – 4.5/5           Total Downloads- more than 10,00,000+ 

Overall, agriculture apps have the potential to revolutionize modern farming by providing farmers with valuable information, insights, and tools to optimize their agricultural practices, improve productivity, and make informed decisions. These apps can significantly contribute to sustainable and efficient agriculture, helping farmers maximize their yields while minimizing resource waste and environmental impact.

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