"From Farm to Table: A Look into India's Thriving Potato Industry and Export Market"


Friends, do you know that about 18,00,00,000 metric tons of fresh vegetables are produced every year in India, due to which India is the second largest producer of fresh vegetables in the world and even India is the largest producer of okra, lemon, and bitter gourd in the world. And ranks first in the production of bitter gourd while second in the production of many vegetables like potato, tomato, brinjal, onion, and cabbage. Most of these vegetables are produced in India only, but do you know where these vegetables are produced in India?

Today we will know everything from production to export, so let's talk about vegetables. China is the world's largest vegetable producer with an annual li massive 58,00,00,000 metric tons of fresh vegetables produced.

You may not believe it, but China alone produces 51% of the world's vegetables and currently 40%. The Chinese workforce works related to this vegetable agriculture. Second after China our India 18,00,00,000 metric Tons i.e. 16% of the world’s and Third is the United States’ 3,00,00,000 metric Tons that is, 2.6% of the world's vegetables are produced. Apart from these, Turkey, Vietnam, and Nigeria are also other major vegetable-producing countries. India is also a supporter of 771 of the Biggest Vegetable Second Guest Producers.

                                                      World's vegetable production 

India annually exports vegetables worth about US$ 667 million to the countries of the world. Due to India's one of the best climates and fertile land, almost all vegetables are cultivated here. West Bengal is the largest producer of vegetables in India. West Bengal manually produces about 280,00,000 tons of fresh vegetables, which accounts for about 15% of India's total production. Second Uttar Pradesh produces 260,00,000 tonnes i.e. 14% and third Madhya Pradesh 190,00,000 tonnes 10% of India's fresh vegetables. Apart from these three, the top 10 largest vegetable-producing states in India are Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Let us now talk separately about all the vegetables. First of all, potato is an important crop, which has been recommended by the United Nations as a food security crop. Potato can be grown in any climate and condition. About 37,00,00,000 metric tonnes of potatoes are produced every year in the world. China is the largest producer where annually 990,00,000 tonnes i.e. 26% of the world's potatoes are produced. Second is India where 510,00,000 tonnes i.e. 13% and there is 310,00,000 tonnes in third Russia. That means 8% of the world's potatoes are produced by it. Apart from these Ukraine, United States and Germany were also other major potato producers. Friends, Uttar Pradesh is the largest potato-producing state in India. Uttar Pradesh alone produces about 150,00,000 tonnes of potatoes every year i.e. 30% of India's total production.

                                            Potato production by Indian states 

Most of the high-quality potatoes of Uttar Pradesh are produced in Agra, Firozabad, Aligarh, Hathras, and Mathura districts. And the second largest producer is West Bengal where about 120,00,000 tonnes. That means 25% of India's potatoes are produced in west Bengal. Most of West Bengal's potatoes are produced in Hooghly, Bardhaman, Bankura, and Western East Medinipur districts and Bihar is the third largest producer, where about 77,00,000 turns i.e. 15% of potatoes are produced annually. Nalanda, Vaishali, Patna, Saran, Samastipur, and Gopalganj in Bihar have the highest production of potatoes. Apart from these three, potatoes are also cultivated in large quantities in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab. 

If we talk about exports, then France is the largest exporter of potatoes, which holds 17% of the world's total potato exports. Second Netherlands 11% and third China 10% potatoes export of them. India is the eleventh largest exporter. India exports potatoes worth about US$ 48 million. India exports its 45% of potatoes to Nepal with Nepal India also exports potatoes to Oman, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

 Data source: National Horticulture board

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