Imagine If All Species Became Equally Mentally Developed

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If every animal and insect on our planet suddenly had a mind! Would we live peacefully and happily together?

The straight answer is BIG No.

Most definitely a third world war would begin. The most epic war one could possibly imagine. And in this heavy war of wars, who would win?🤔 Man or monkey? Or maybe even elephant? Who has the best chance?

There's no chance that that anything like this could ever happen because such an insane idea is just the fruit of my imagination and nothing more.

And the nonsense begins   

This could only happen in a bizarre parallel universe and even that possibility is vanishingly unlikely.

But still, many conflict implies a certain number of warren parties.

In our case, we are people, humans and all the others are those who could possibly harm us. Of course we could imagine we would ally ourselves with the other primates. Well, our faithful dog friends will certainly cover our backs😂.

But no.

That's for another time. 

But, what if EVERYONE is against us?

And, truthfully, it's not even clear if all humans will fight together as one, or as is too often the case in our history, divide into several warren camps and fight among ourselves, because the problem is, man's most dangerous enemy is STILL man himself.

Why would animals fight or NOT?

Well, why not? We do it. And besides, considering how many species we have already exterminated, there is little doubt that in this scenero there could be some ALTERNATIVE outcome.

All living beings on the planet had just received a mind EQUAL to ours, they are intelligent, why should they suddenly have to act differently than we have?

And the truth is, as will soon become clear to all the various intelligent species; that several different species can not reign on one planet at the same time.

So - first and foremost, all of the inhabitants of the rivers, seas and oceans are LOSERS. They won't be able to leave the bounderies of their watery confines.

In principle, this applies to all animals which are limited by the need to stay in their accustomed habitat.

Be it in water, rainforests, swamps or deserts, they can fight for dominance in THEIR domain but they cannot claim the whole planet. If they do not find allies, which scenario is most likely to play out?

Also, most of the majority of herbivores will keep their distance, since they need to spend the bulk of their time eating grass in order to replenish their strength before rushing into battle.

Large animals like lions, tigers, wolves and bears as well as elephants and rhinoceroses, these are real threats because these guys could easily win the day If we humans were still naked apes running through fields and across the prairie.

But... this is not to be.

Evolution has its advantages! It has given us weapons of every shape and size, and we are able to use them! Like do you want your grizzly bear enemy shot full of led? Or do you want an elephant fried on an nucular grill? Easy as pie!

So who should we afraid of?

I think you understand what I'm getting at because even with brains, all the large and very dangerous animals are BIG ZEROES compared with man and his huge arsenal!

But all except for the other great apes....

Let's take for example the gorilla, or the chimpanzee. In terms of their functionality, their actually a demo version of a person. At least they were until they got an elite human equivalent mind. All the same functionality like the ability to pick up tools, use machines or something even greater...

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And most importantly, they have STRENGTH. The body, the sheer muscular power of most great apes and big monkeys is far superior to that of us humble humans.

Add to that a brain equal to ours, this is no longer a demo version, but rather something SUPERIOR to homo sapiens. They could quickly and easily learn our technology and bring us a lot of trouble.

Therefore, apes deservedly place second as the most dangerous living creatures with brains.

But who or what is FIRST one dangerous?

Can you guess? These are Microbes.

They are everywhere. Even inside of us.

Yes, it is completely absurd to give human level minds to creatures that do not even have a nervous system. But everything is possible in our imagination! So microbes and bacteria also achieve the status of "acceptable".

Now we really have something to fear.

If the apes are more or less equal level rivals, and as is likely that we could deal with them, then overcoming the microbes, well, THIS is impossible! Because Microbes are the most tenacious earthlings there are plus a necessary component of our own existence.

Life on planet earth is impossible without microbes. Every thing on our world, from bugs to elephants, exist only thanks to microbes. And man is no exception. Especially modern man.

Small and inconspicuous, they help our bodies digest foods and synthesize vital nutritious. In short, microbes are THE most important necessity for the existent of the entire organic world on our planet earth. Life in any of its manifestations is not possible without them.

What if, microbes began to think like man? Any war for the domination of our planet will be completely meaningless. Reasoning microbes; that would quite exotic. 

What about mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes on the other hand, more than half a million people die every year from these stupid mosquitoes. Imagine what they could do if they had a brain?

If suddenly all the species on earth became equally intelligent and began to fight with each other, victory is likely to be won not by the largest animals and most powerful, but by the smallest and most tenuous inhabitants of our planet.

But, don't worry!☺️

It's not going to happen.

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